Undefined Centers 101: Manifestation Blockers




The Undefined Centers are areas in the BodyGraph that shows from where the most influences and tests will come. It could be tests centered in Self Worth, Health and Wellness, Dependency, Confrontations, Pressures of life, Temperance, etc. Most people have multiple undefined Centers in their BodyGraph.

When we accept false information and/or miscomprehend any situation in life, it has the potential to skew our decision making process. This opens the door for the Not Self. They become the sources of the Nine Deadly Sins and Nine Seas of Wisdom!

This product is comprised of 10 recordings: an Introduction to the Undefined Centers and a breakdown of each of the 9. After listening to the description of these 9 Undefined Centers, you’ll have more awareness of the tricks and traps of your mind. This helps us to withstand the conditioned decision making strategy of obeying the thoughts of the Mind more consistently.

This open the door to more manifestations in alignment with ones holistic nature and authentic frequency and magic.

99 minute


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