Mer-Ka-Ba Mandala(Hyper-dimensional Rave Mandala)






This Educational and Inspiring, RA URU HU approved*, Hand-Drawn Hyper-dimensional Mer-Ka-Ba(Rave) Mandala includes:

1. The Prime-Yin and Yang Crystals
2. The 4-Corners
3. The 4-Quarters
4. The 4 Yin/Yang-Orientations
5. 8-Trigrams/Bagua
6. 16-Godheads
7. 16-Variable-Orientations
8. 22 Amino-Acids
9. 64-Hexagrams
10. 384-Lines and their movements
11. 64-Genetic-Codons
12. Centers for each Gate
13. 64-Gates
14. Circuitry for each Gate
15. 12-Zodiac-Sign
16. 4-Seasons
17. Periodic-Elements
18. Yin-BodyGraph


All purchases of this HAND-DRAWN Color-Coded Hyperdimensional-Version of the Rave Mandala, are in a Large-format and high-resolution file.

And a 34min video that explains the parts of the Mer-Ka-Ba Mandala to help you us it effectively.


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