HD for the People: Mastering the Foundation Course and more


I’ve finally done it! I put my 10+ yrs of experience and skillful work in the Human Design System into a Course for the People! This course covers everything anyone needs to know in order to read their BodyGraph and those of others.
I’ve loaded this course with the insights and shortcuts I gained over the last 10+ years. It’s more than a How-To Course, as it contains the Why’s as well! It’s an education on the human being and our divine connection with Nature. It can be experienced as a cellular transformation course



I’ve also added many bonuses that’ll help you service yourself, family, friends, clients and anyone in your sphere of influence:

~A full breakdown of all Cognitive Orientations(60+mins).

~A full breakdown of the 12 variations of the Digestive-System types(60mins).

~A Hi-Resolution copy of the HD for the People’s expanded Hyperdimensional “Rave Mandala”, the Mer-Ka-Ba Mandala w/ a never released video walkthrough of its parts(35mins).

~A walkthrough of an advanced Overview Reading(100mins).

~An in-depth Course on Relationships Analysis(90mins).

~Study materials for deeper education.


All-in-all, this is over 7 hrs of video and audio content to help you get a firm grasp of the Synthesis. I’m very satisfied with how this turned out and grateful to be able to offer it to you!


Now I’ve told you about the bonuses, here are the basics I cover in this Course:

~Astrology: Natal and Prenatal, aka Design and Personality.


~Gates, Hexagrams and their Lines.

~The BodyGraph.

~The 9 Centers.

~The Channels of the Kaballah.

~Aura-Types and their Strategy.


~The Planets.

~The Circuitry.

~Definition: Single, Split, Triple and Quadruple.

~12 Profiles

~Conditioning of the Body and Mind: For better and worse.

~Undefined Centers.


For a week, for the members of my Human Design for the People group, can get this course for only $299! Afterwards, the price goes to $399.

With everything I’ve loaded into this course, including the bonuses and study materials, it’s designed so you won’t need to spend another dime learning to read the essentials of the BodyGraph and using them in your everyday life.


Disclosure: Because of the large size of this course package, I had to use an outside source: MediaFire to store all the files. So upon purchase, beginning on the 17th of October, until further notice, a link to the files will be given. The link will present all the files for this course for you to download at your leisure. The link will not expire, however you’re encouraged to download all files as soon as possible.


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