How many Centers of the BodyGraph are related to the Digestive-System?

The Human Design System’s Rave Bodygraph

In short, every Center of the BodyGraph is connected to the Digestive System!

Digestion is one of the most important factors to how we live. It determines whether we’re going to be healthy or not, period. Food and how we digest it is the greatest conditioner of our behavior. It effects our glands, organs, brain, thinking processes and everything else. 

Poor Digestion, aka indigestion, opens the door to malnutrition, inflammation, weak immune-systems and Microbiome deficiency, which all equates to a low quality of health, energy and brain function, to say the least. 

The Human Design system unveils the nature of how our Digestive-System works on a foundational level. It reveals not only that people have different types of Digestive-systems but it describes how each of them need to be honored, aka treated and nurtured. 

There are basically 12 variations to our Digestive-System as a specie. This explains why two people can eat the same foods and have totally different reactions. One person gets sick and suffers many symptoms of Indigestion, while the other seems healthy as can be. 

Also, if you’re eating alkaline foods but aren’t honoring the guidelines of your Digestive-System, those same foods will become acidic and create the state of what we know of as Indigestion. It also explains why certain people have their own unusual eating habits.

Some people like to eat alone most of the time. Some don’t like their foods to touch, while others love to eat late at night. In truth, these behaviors come from within, they’re based on the nature of the person’s Digestive-System… they’re not making it up. 

As children we suffer greatly from indigestion due to the lack of awareness of how our particular Digestive-System operates. It causes our brain system to be malnourished, which ceases our brain’s development and neural expansion at around 2-3 yrs of age, when we’re supposed to get a full 7 years of it.

There’s no ‘1-size fits all’ type of diet! Chronic-indigestion is an Epidemic that kills us and our microbiota from the inside.

This does damage to us on a Holistic-level, affecting our hormone-levels, brain and nervous-system-function, mental-function and overall health and well-being. Being aware of our Human Design’s Digestive-System is the 1st step in correcting this issue.

Most of us have naturally eaten in a way that’s correct for us at different times in our lives but due to the ignorance of our guardians and educational system’s conditioning we drift into the detrimental style if eating.

There’s a good reason some of you like eating 1 thing at a time, not even wanting your food to touch each other. ..Some of you love Cold foods, while some gravitate to Hot foods.

Some of you can’t eat unless it’s Calm around you, while others love Activity and movement while eating.

It can be difficult to be sure what’s correct for us though, due to the attractiveness of what we are not…this is where the Human Design System steps in to lend a hand in this level of Self-Awarness and discovery.

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